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Curio Practice

Curio Baby Blanket Pink/Beige

Curio Baby Blanket Pink/Beige

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A 100% Australian Merino Wool blanket - a timeless heirloom that your baby can hand down to their children. Featuring a two tone pattern, the blanket boasts a unique weight that sets it apart.

Sustainability Commitments:

  • Made in Naarm, Melbourne
  • Australian Wool
  • Small Scale Production
  • FSC Certified/Partially Recycled Tissue and Mailers


CURIO is an evolving consideration of how the value of heirloom objects—like those kept in curio cabinets of times gone by—are not bound by time. We look past the expectation of heirlooms being too precious to use—those which collect dust in their cabinets, forever admired but never enjoyed—offering instead an object of functional artistry. We believe a curio cabinet extends to the entire home—the chairs your friends sit on when they come over for dinner, the table you gather around, the glasses you sip from, and the bed you crawl into when the night’s over. CURIO blankets and cushions, just like other precious objects, are designed to be collected, cared for and passed down; above all, however, they should be used.

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