Mothers, Muses and More - Maddy Maeve

Mothers, Muses and More - Maddy Maeve

A conversation on motherhood with Maddy Maeve - friend, collaborator and founder of FME Apparel.



Do you feel comfortable with the identity of mother? Was the transition to motherhood difficult? In what ways?

I do fell comfortable with my identity as a mother now. When I first fell pregnant I definitely struggled with the transition, I didn’t want to tell anyone and was kind of embarrassed for some reason. Once Fox was born that feeling went away and I was like WOW I’m Fox’s Mum how lucky am I.


Do you think and read about parenting or do you just do it?

Yes and No! I intuitively parent for sure and most of the time ‘just do’. However there are times when I’m completely out of my depth - like that entire year my kid would savagely bite other kids aggghhh. Reading or listening to parenting podcasting has been very helpful. I really find Magda Gerber teachings and philosophy for parenting a great base to come back to when I am struggling. Janet Lansburry’s podcast Unruffled is one where I tap in and out of when I need.


Do you manage to fit in self care and fitness? How and when?

I try to walk or ride most days as much for fitness as for mental health, clear my brain fog. For self care: reading, listening to podcasts, pottering in the garden when I can. Usually a few times a week when I can fit it in.


Do you have any parenting cheats/hacks?

WINE after 5pm. LOL

I think hardcore physical play 3-4 hours a day is the only cheat I have found works. A walk into the bush or nature play is so fab at calming everyone.


What has been the most challenging parenting/pregnancy/birth phase for you?

At about the 6 month mark. I was essentially working full time from home without childcare. We don't have any family close by and live regional Victoria. There was a lot of traveling and tears then.


Do you have help from family? What type of help?

Yes we do get help from Grans and Nans. Usually a few days over holidays or whenever we can get to down to visit. It's not a lot of time but it is great when we do!


How have your friendships changed if at all?

My friendships have definitely had to change. I struggled with this early on, trying to juggle and trying to please everyone was so hard. I think now I have settled in and just try the best I can to see my lady loves when I can. Less regular connection but so special when we can. I did meet a few great friends in my neighbourhood during Covid, these relationships for me are so fab because they can be very spontaneous, a quick coffee or walk.


How has your relationship to your body changed?

I have more respect for my body after childbirth. Like WOW how insanely amazing are womens bodies and what they can go through.

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