SHRUNK Store remains committed to sustainability, quality, aesthetics, and history through intentionally designed childrenswear. At its core are three main values: Sustainability, quality craftsmanship, ethical consumption. 

Drawing from the personal experience of dressing her toddler in cherished pieces passed down through generations, Myra’s vision for SHRUNK is to offer garments that resonate with both parents and children, embodying meaning, purpose, and enduring style. 

With a commitment to sustainability, SHRUNK aims to counter the current fast-paced, disposable nature of children's clothing and the fashion cycle at large, and to revive the lost practices of repair, archiving, and enduring quality, creating products that foster values and connections between generations.

Shrunk Store is committed to local, small batch manufacturing and collaboration with ethical labels.

More detailed sustainability commitments can be found on each product page.


In order to preserve your garment for the next generation we suggest archiving your piece in a purpose built Polypropylene archive box with unbuffered tissue. Polypropylene of archival quality is inert, stable and does not contain harmful plastics that off-gas and cause deterioration.

Ideally garments should be drycleaned before archiving and can either be laid flat or folded with tissue between each fold. Purpose built textile archive boxes have a secure lid and do not need to be taped shut. Your garments will remain beautifully secure and intact to hand down between generations.