SHRUNK philosophy

SHRUNK Store is a sustainable childrenswear label dedicated to creating consciously designed and intentionally produced pieces that are steeped in story and intended to be passed down for generations to come. 

Born from a moment of accidental inspiration when a knitted vest meant for founder, Myra Spencer, shrank perfectly to fit her daughter, SHRUNK was first conceptualised with a vision of collaboration in mind. While the original intention was to create with other brands she knew and loved, Myra also wanted to produce her own small batch collections of locally made pieces. 

Today, SHRUNK's purpose remains to create modern day heirlooms that place aesthetics, quality, and ethics in equal merit at the forefront of their designs. These are more than just items, the pieces are crafted deliberately with care and embody a commitment to instilling more sustainable consumption values in our future generations. 

Whether made in collaboration with other ethical fashion labels or by local, small-batch manufacturers, the SHRUNK ethos goes beyond simply creating "mini" versions of adult items, instead focusing on infusing toddler clothes with the values, quality, and aesthetic of timeless garments. 

SHRUNK collections

Locally made small batch collections, consciously produced and intentionally designed to become modern day heirlooms that are passed down for generations.

SHRUNK collaborations

Here you will find one off pieces made in collaboration with other ethical fashion labels. These designs further symbolise SHUNK’s commitment to lasting quality, aesthetic and story. 


A curated selection of products from other like-minded brands who further embody our ethos and philosophy of sustainability, quality, aesthetic.