What I'm Reading...

What I'm Reading...

What I’m Reading


My first postpartum was filled with a lot of scrolling and googling - none of which was particularly helpful. I wanted to do things a little differently this time around. Although there was/is still a lot of scrolling, I’ve tried to be more considered in what I am consuming. I wanted to share a few things I have enjoyed (not all are on a screen!).






The Baby on the Fire Escape: Creativity, Motherhood and the Mind-Baby Problem by Julie Phillips.
‘To the question “How can I have children without sacrificing my vocation, my perspective my independence, my mind?” there’s no single answer. On the evidence of the women in this book, a certain amount of “outlaw mothering’ is helpful, as well as friends to do it with.’





A Mother’s Pleasure: A Modern Guide to Redefining Motherhood by Regan Figg.

 ‘A Mother’s Pleasure’ is your modern guide to summoning your sensuality, connecting with your goddess energy and weaving pleasure into the very fabric of your life’





HOWL Magazine Issue 03 . Chapter I

HOWL explores the intersection of creativity and motherhood. 

Issue 03. Chapter I is the first instalment of HOWL as a digital magazine, which makes it every convenient to read when feeding, nap trapped or sitting in the car having some ‘me’ time.





Substack - Digital Newsletters

So easy to consume! I am also enjoying the inspiration and ease it is bringing to my cooking. 

Julia Ostro ‘In My Kitchen

Carter Were ‘Carter’s Cooking

Zara Wong ‘Screenshot This

Jade Fox ‘Dear Dilate

Ellie Bouhadana ‘Ellie’s Notebook

Lara Worthington ‘Lara Worthington

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